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Definition of Terms

The following terms will be used throughout the document in the capacity defined below:

HitGrab Properties: Refers to all current and future intellectual products of HitGrab Inc.

User: Refers to anyone who utilizes a product or service provided by HitGrab.

Family Friendly: Defined as material that is appropriate for users of all ages, including young children.

Content: Refers to any intellectual product or opinion expressed in conjunction with the above HitGrab properties, including user-generated material.

Game Policies

HitGrab Properties are intended to be Family Friendly. Users are asked to use language and actions (in the message board, cork boards, and via any other related medium) which respect other players and which are suitable for a general audience. HitGrab Inc. reserves the right to remove players who violate these guidelines of conduct at their own discretion.

Scripting and/or Cheating

Users of HitGrab Properties are prohibited from using scripts and/or any other performance enhancing methods to gain items or otherwise gain any advantage in the game. We currently track Facebook users and their auto-refreshing/auto-reloading methods. This includes any and all browser plug-ins. If a user is suspected of utilizing duplicitous methods to hack/cheat/win prizes, the developers and/or administrators of the game retain the right to remove these players at will and/or forfeit any prizes these duplicitous players might win.

Additionally, users are not to knowingly exploit a flaw or bug in any HitGrab property. If a user discovers an unexpected behavior in any HitGrab property that can be abused to give themselves or another player an advantage in the game they are to immediately contact the developers to notify them of the exploit and agree to cease in re-creating the unexpected behavior in question. Players who knowingly exploit bugs will have their accounts disabled and forfeit any prizes they might have won.

Multiple Accounts

HitGrab Inc. forbids the use of multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Facebook also has a policy against multiple accounts. Those found using more than one account connected to Facebook to exploit any HitGrab property will be removed from the game and reported to Facebook.

Should a player be in control of more than one account, no more than one account may connected to a Facebook account, and the accounts may in no way interact with one another. Interaction includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being friends or linked in anyway
  • Sending gifts, supplies, or transferring items in any way
  • Being a part of the same team, group, or guild
  • Joining the same tournament or any sort of competition, even on different teams, or a part of different groups
  • Knowingly purchasing a marketplace posting which was posted by another account in their control
  • Contributing towards a shared, or global goal

Note that the above list is not an exhaustive list of all possible interactions and that it is up to the sole discretion of the game's administrators to determine if two accounts controlled by the same person have interacted.

Updates and Improvements

Users can expect updates and improvements to HitGrab properties on a regular basis (at the discretion of HitGrab Inc.). Updates can sometimes alter certain elements of the properties in question. You agree that any calculated change is most likely for the betterment of the community at large, and that you will not become hostile or unpleasant to deal with if an update occurs which you do not enjoy, or has (in your opinion) a negative impact on your instance of the HitGrab property in question.

Friend Invites

HitGrab property users cannot invite other Facebook users by force or spam other Facebook users for any reason. Violating this guideline will lead to immediate removal from the HitGrab property in question.

Discussion Boards / Forums / Cork Boards / Chat

Users of HitGrab properties agree to act in a respectful manner and conduct themselves in a way appropriate for a Family Friendly setting. Posts on the discussion boards should generally pertain to the HitGrab property in question; Users are to avoid creating excessive amounts of off-topic/non-HitGrab property related threads.

For more information about this topic, please read our HitGrab's Discussion Terms.

Players are forbidden to:

  • Use profanity, including short forms for profanities, punctuation marks used in place of profanities and colloquial versions of profanities that are generally accepted on television as not being swear words
  • Use racist or derogatory terms
  • Post illegal/sexual topics
  • Spam the message boards, and harassment of other users
  • Insult another player or posting false/misleading information about that player
  • Create excessive amounts of meaningless or repetitive threads, or any other content considered as spam
  • Create posts which mention or link to any HitGrab game content that has yet to be released (images, descriptions, flash movies, etc.)
  • Show prejudice or discriminating against others (towards an individual, people, a race/ethnic group, a religion/belief, etc.)
  • Advertise products or services, including Facebook applications

Violation of these terms is grounds for removal from the HitGrab property in question and a report to Facebook.

HitGrab Inc. is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. The content on any external link is beyond our control. Users must acknowledge that any external link is ‘click at your own risk’.

By accessing any HitGrab property, users agree to accept that game administrators and moderators may remove or censor any content submitted by a player for any reason whatsoever.


HitGrab Inc. provides prizes to users to enhance the game experience. Prizes vary widely in size and value. HitGrab Inc. reserves the right to hold back any prize for any reason at their own discretion.


Users who install any HitGrab property agree to these terms of services and indemnify HitGrab Inc. from any damages of any sort which the HitGrab property in question may cause in any way and agree not to hold HitGrab Inc. liable for any reason in all the world through all eternity.

Digital Currency/Goods

HitGrab Properties may include a virtual, in-game currency ("Digital Currency") and/or virtual, in-game items ("Digital Goods") which may be purchased from HitGrab for “real world” money from HitGrab where permitted by law. Upon purchasing such Digital Currency or Digital Goods, you are granted a personal, non-transferable (except to the extent expressly permitted), non-exclusive right to use such Digital Currency or Digital Goods only in conjunction with the HitGrab property which such Digital Currency or Digital Goods were purchased. Any such purchase is final and non-refundable.

Offers Platforms

Offers completed in exchange for virtual currency or in-game virtual items on any HitGrab properties are offered at the user's own risk. By accepting this terms of service, the user indemnifies HitGrab of any consequence associated with the use of any offers platform.

Intellectual Property

All HitGrab properties are copyrighted under the laws of the United States and other jurisdictions. All rights are reserved. You may not copy, redistribute, publish or otherwise use the materials from any HitGrab property without the express prior written permission of HitGrab Inc.. The HitGrab logo, the HitGrab product logos, and all product names are trademarks of HitGrab Inc.. It may not be used without the express written permission of HitGrab Inc.


HitGrab Properties may be available on a monthly subscription basis. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. Subscriptions purchased are final and non-refundable.

A Brief Note On Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is not absolute. The only true place you have full Freedom of Speech is in a public place, when it does not conflict with the values or rights of others, and when you are the only speaker. Within an open forum, the rights of others must be observed. Every place has its own rules. It would be rude to walk into a library and begin shouting at the top of your lungs. Freedom of Speech (or Freedom of Expression) must not infringe on the rights of others.

All HitGrab Inc. discussion boards are privately owned, and these terms of service must be agreed to before users can post or use the application. No one enjoys the concept of censorship, but realistically, we need censorship in order to protect ourselves and, more importantly, our players. These terms are here for the benefit of the players.

Payments and Ownership of in-game virtual items

All virtual game items remain the intellectual property of HitGrab Inc. and may only be sold or traded for other virtual items within the application via forms accessible within the application. Under no circumstance may in-game items be traded for non-virtual (tangible) goods or services.

If you make a payment to HitGrab, you agree to our HitGrab's Payment Terms.

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