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Profile Setup Rewards

Complete your profile today!

Profile Completion

Profile completion rewards have been added in an effort to encourage hunters to setup their account to reduce possible gameplay interruptions due to Facebook outages or lost credentials.


The Settings page now has a new 'Account Settings' tab, where hunters can complete their profile setup claim rewards.


After downloading the latest update the settings page will have an 'Account Settings' tab within Account Information, where hunters can complete their profile setup claim rewards.

iOS Support Coming Soon: The update for the iOS app is pending approval by Apple. As soon Apple approves the update it will become available on the iOS App Store.

Android Support: Make sure to check the Google Play Store to download update v1.153.0 which was published only recently. It may take time to propagate before it becomes available.

Mobile HUDs for Furoma

The Furoma region now has heads-up displays within the MouseHunt mobile app. The Training Grounds, Dojo, Mediation Room, and Pinnacle Chamber now have heads-up displays showing the various resources and types of cheese used in each location.

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.153.0 and above

Posted Sep 26, 2023 3:32pm by Andrew Stevenson 🤖

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