The King has sent you a special reward!
As thanks for committing to the Hunt so fervently, the King has chosen to reward you!

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King's Reward
The King has awarded you
Thanks for your service, hunter!
You have already solved this puzzle!
Thanks for your service, hunter!

Royal Deals Disappear

Last Chance on SUPER|brie+ Sales and Limited Purchases!
These generous deals will be gone on September 26!

Sales Leaving Soon!

The SUPER|brie+ sales will be leaving the Premium Shop tomorrow, September 26 at approximately 3:00pm UTC!

Additionally, the King's marvelous giveaway bundles will also be leaving the shop at this time! Make sure you grab them before they are gone!

Regal Key Ring Bundle
Regal Charms, SB+ and Prize Keys!
Ultimate Regal Vault Bundle
Ultimate Regals, SB+ and a Vault prize!
500 SUPER|brie+
$1 off! (USD)
1600 SUPER|brie+
$5 off! (USD)
3500 SUPER|brie+
$10 off! (USD)
7500 SUPER|brie+
$25 off! (USD)


On September 26, Prize Keys will stop dropping, and Prize mice will go back into hiding.
The Giveaway will remain accessible for opening Prize Packs and Vaults until October 3.
King's Prize Keys will be removed from inventories shortly afterwards, so be sure to exchange them all!
The event will end on October 3 at approximately 3:00pm UTC

Posted Sep 25, 2023 1:04pm by Franco D'Auria

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