The King has sent you a special reward!
As thanks for committing to the Hunt so fervently, the King has chosen to reward you!

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King's Reward
The King has awarded you
Thanks for your service, hunter!
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Thanks for your service, hunter!

Bountiful Treasure Awaits in the Castle in the Clouds!

Start climbing, treasure seekers!
Treasure Maps and the new Auto-Harp have arrived at the Bountiful Beanstalk!

Bountiful Treasure Awaits in the Castle in the Clouds!

A Cartographer has arrived at the Bountiful Beanstalk with a new scroll case leading to treasure above the clouds!

NEW Bountiful Beanstalk Scroll Case

Find and retrieve some of the Giants' most coveted treasure!

Costs 10 Ancient Relics and 20 Fabled Fertilizer

Play A New Tune

The magically melodious Golden Harp Strings can now be used in an automatic (and awesome) new way! Introducing, the Auto-Harp!

Open the Harp String interface and click on the Auto-Harp tab to toggle this new feature on and off.

Auto-Harp Mobile Interface

When your Auto-Harp is active, it will automatically consume Golden Harp Strings to cancel out the noise you make on every hunt.

It will not change the current noise level but it will prevent noise from increasing.

Noise Bar with Auto-Harp Enabled

Whether you're making 1 noise per hunt or 1,024, it will all get cancelled out as long as you have enough harp strings in your inventory.

Demonstrate Your Castle Conquering Prowess

The most dedicated Giant Slayers in the Kingdom can now show off their accomplishments by purchasing the new Bountiful Beanstalk Journal Theme from the General Store!

NEW Bountiful Beanstalk Journal Theme

Decorate your journal with this prestigious new theme!

Costs 2.5m Gold, 1 Golden Goose, and 99,000 Golden Goose Eggs

20 for 20 Rare Map Dust is Back!

The 20 for 20 Rare Map Dust Sale is back but only until Tuesday, August 15 at 3:00PM UTC!

20 Rare Map Dust
Only $19.99!

New Treasure Hunting Kit

With the introduction of the new treasure map, the King has created a Bountiful Treasure Hunting Kit packed with Condensed Creativity, Beanster Cheese, and Rare Map Dust!

Bountiful Treasure Hunting Kit
Jump start your maps!

Start Climbing!

Bountiful Beanstalk

Posted Aug 1, 2023 3:11pm by Norman Hussey

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