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Apple Watch Companion App

Hunt on the go with a simple tap of the wrist!

Apple Watch Support

Hunters can now conveniently hunt using the brand new MouseHunt Apple Watch companion app! The watch app allows you to see your Hunter's Horn timer, so that you always know when your next hunt will take place! You can also once again hunt from the watch notification directly, so you'll never miss a horn!

iOS Widget

The iOS widget has been available for a while now. This allows you to place a Hunter's Horn widget on your iPhone Home Screen which displays when your next hunt is available and, when tapped, opens the app to hunt when the horn is ready.

This update applies to iOS app versions 1.148.0 and above.
Additionally, the Apple Watch app is only supported by watchOS 8.0 and above.

Posted Jul 17, 2023 6:13pm by Parham ⚽️ Taher

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