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New Updates have sprouted in the Bountiful Beanstalk!

One Small Step for Mice, One Giant Leap for Hunters!
A new cheese, a new mouse, and many other improvements have arrived!

New Updates have sprouted in the Bountiful Beanstalk!

Thanks to the diligent work of the King's top scholars, several new improvements have been discovered in the Bountiful Beanstalk!

Please visit the App Store or Google Play to download the latest mobile update (version 1.147.1) which adds Leaping Lavish to the HUD in addition to other quality-of-life changes.

Take a Leap!

A powerful new type of cheese has been discovered: Leaping Lavish Beanster Cheese!

This cheese combines Lavish Beanster Cheese with Golden Harp Strings to achieve the remarkable ability to leap forward 5 steps with each hunt in the Castle in the Clouds!

With this unprecedented new speed, you'll be able to leap through those Standard rooms in only 4 hunts!

NEW Leaping Lavish Beanster Cheese

Combine Lavish Beanster and Golden Harp Strings to make this speedy cheese!


  • Moves 5 steps per hunt (except during giant chase)!
  • x4 Loot Multiplier
  • Attracts same mice as Lavish Beanster
  • Each hunt makes the same amount of noise whether it's a catch or miss
Skip a room and feel the zoom with this free sample courtesy of Larry and the King!
Claim 4 Leaping Lavish Beanster Cheese

More Consistency in the Castle

Room Quality Chevrons

The rooms in the Castle in the Clouds have been rebalanced to be more consistent between the floors. The frequency of encountering Ultimate rooms in the Ballroom or the Great Hall has been increased to be more consistent with their frequency in the Dungeon.

The increased frequency of Ultimate rooms combined with the ability to leap through the floors quicker means that in general, area resources will now to be easier to obtain, including Golden Goose Eggs. As a result, the cost of the Golden Goose in the Bountiful Beanstalk General Store has risen from 45,000 to 60,000 Golden Goose Eggs (33% increase).

To compensate for this 33% increase, the King is offering to give every hunter in the Bountiful Beanstalk a one-time bonus of 33% more Golden Goose Eggs based on what they currently have in their inventory.

All you have to do to claim this 33% Golden Goose Egg bonus is take one hunt anywhere in the Bountiful Beanstalk.

You'll see a journal entry appear with the exact number of eggs that you were given and they'll appear in your inventory instantly!

Make sure to take at least one hunt in the Bountiful Beanstalk to claim these eggs before Tuesday, July 11 at 3:00pm UTC.

A New Mouse Climbs the Stalk

A new elusive mouse has been spotted climbing the Bountiful Beanstalk!

It is rare to find and can only be lured out using SUPER|brie+ but it is guaranteed to drop 1 Condensed Creativity when caught.

Stock Up on Speedy Supplies!

The King has prepared a special, limited-time bundle of supplies to help players take advantage of all the latest changes.

Leap Speed Bundle
Contains Leaping Lavish!
This new bundle will only be available until Tuesday, July 11 at 3:00pm UTC!

Start Leaping!

Bountiful Beanstalk

Posted Jun 14, 2023 2:14pm by Norman Hussey

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