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May 3, 2023

Patch Notes for May 3, 2023

Charm Shoppe Stock Updates

  • All areas in the game now have a Charm Shoppe which sells various "standard charms" for gold
    • Journeyman/Journeywoman locations introduce the Power Charm
    • Master locations introduce the Luck Charm
    • Grandmaster locations (and the Toxic Spill) introduce the Lucky Power Charm, Super Power Charm, and Super Luck Charm
    • Lord/Lady locations introduce the Super Lucky Power Charm
    • Baron/Baroness locations introduce the Extreme Power Charm and Extreme Luck Charm
    • Grand Duke/Grand Duchess locations introduce the Extreme Lucky Power Charm
    • Locations within the Rift Plane now primarily sell Rift charms
  • Cape Clawed, Elub Shore, Nerg Plains, and Derr Dunes now sell their respective Elub, Nerg, and/or Derr Power Charm for area-specific loot resources
  • Claw Shot City no longer sells the various types of Gnawnian Express charms (they are now exclusively sold at the train location)
  • Several Charm Shoppes no longer sell the Attraction Charm as these charms are being phased out as "standard charms"
  • Display order of various Charm Shoppes has been updated to generally place area-specific or "non-standard" charms at the top of the shop
For the purposes of Charm Shoppe inventories, the Toxic Spill is counted as its lowest title requirement (Hero)

Low-Tier "Standard" Charms

  • Small Power Charm now has 250 Power, 1% Power Bonus (Previously 60 Power, 0% Power Bonus)
  • Power Charm now has 500 Power, 5% Power Bonus (Previously 120 Power, 1% Power Bonus)
  • Luck Charm and Rift Luck Charm now have 3 Luck (Previously 1 Luck)
  • Lucky Power Charm now has 500 Power, 5% Power Bonus, 3 Luck (Previously 120 Power, 1% Power Bonus, 1 Luck)

Super-Tier "Standard" Charms

  • Super Power Charm now has 750 Power, 8% Power Bonus (Previously 360 Power, 3% Power Bonus)
  • Super Luck Charm and Rift Super Luck Charm now have 5 Luck (Previously 3)
  • Added new Super Lucky Power Charm (750 Power, 8% Power Bonus, 5 Luck)

Extreme-Tier "Standard" Charms

  • Extreme Power Charm now has 1,250 Power, 12% Power Bonus (Previously 600 Power, 5% Power Bonus)
  • Rift Extreme Power Charm now has 1,250 Power (Previously 1,200)
  • Extreme Luck Charm and Rift Extreme Luck Charm now have 8 Luck (Previously 5 Luck)
  • Added new Extreme Lucky Power Charm (1,250 Power, 12% Power Bonus, 8 Luck)

Ultimate-Tier "Standard" Charms

  • Ultimate Power Charm, Rift Ultimate Power Charm, and their festive versions now have 2,500 Power (Previously 2,400 Power)
  • Ultimate Lucky Power Charm, Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charms, and their festive versions now have 2,500 Power (Previously 2,400 Power)

Ancient & Rainbow Charms

  • Extreme Ancient Charm now has 8 Luck (Previously 7)
  • Ultimate Ancient Charm now has 10 Luck (Previously 8)
  • Rainbow Charm now has 15 Luck (Previously 12)

Spore Charms

  • Spore Charm now has 7% Power Bonus (Previously 6%)
  • Super Spore Charm now has 900 Power, 8% Power Bonus, 8% Attraction Bonus (Previously 800 Power, 7% Power Bonus, 7% Attraction Bonus)
  • Extreme Spore Charm now has 1,100 Power, 9% Power Bonus, 9% Attraction Bonus (Previously 900 Power, 8% Power Bonus, 8% Attraction Bonus)
  • Ultimate Spore Charm now has 15% Power Bonus, 15 Attraction Bonus (Previously 12% Power Bonus, 12% Attraction Bonus)

Other Charms

  • Prospector's Charm now has a 10% Power Bonus (Previously 1%)
  • Cactus Charm now has a 12% Power Bonus (Previously 1%)
  • Super Cactus Charm now has a 15% Power Bonus (Previously 3%)
  • Elub, Nerg, and Derr Power Charms now have +1,000 Power, 10% Power Bonus against their respective tribes (Previously +600 Power, 5% Power Bonus)

Charm Gold Costs Updates

  • Power Charms now cost 150 Gold (Previously 100 Gold)
  • Luck Charms now cost 300 Gold (Previously 400 Gold)
  • Lucky Power Charms now cost 900 Gold (Previously 800 Gold)
  • Super Power Charms now cost 500 Gold (Previously 900 Gold)
  • Super Luck Charms now cost 750 Gold (Previously 1,250 Gold)
  • Extreme Power Charms now cost 1,500 Gold (Previously 900 Gold and various area-specific loot resources)
  • Extreme Luck Charms now cost 4,500 Gold (Previously 1,250 Gold and various area-specific loot resources)
  • Spore Charms now cost looted-resources and 750 Gold (Previously 1,000 Gold)
  • Super Spore Charms now cost looted-resources and 1,000 Gold (Previously 1,500 Gold)
  • A Divine Orb instead of Epic Orb is now used in the Ultimate Luck Charm crafting recipe

Gameplay Changes

  • Mountain Boulder health has been increased to 2,500 (Previously 1,000)

Posted May 3, 2023 by Dave Vanderburg

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