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Happy New Year!

Ring in the New Year at the Taiga
Three new mice have joined the party and there are new rewards to earn!

2023 Celebrations!

Three new mice can now be found at the Great Winter Taiga! Frightened Fireworks mice are at Cinnamon Hill, Party Head mice at the Golem Workshop, and New Year's mice at the Ice Fortress. All three of these festive partygoers are carrying lots of Firework Sugar Cookies while most other mice drop a small quantity. These cookies can be can be exchanged at the Trapsmith, General Store, and Cartographer within the Taiga for new rewards!

New 2023 New Year's Base

Limited Edition

A party-powered base featuring +10 Luck and the ability to create 2023 Charms!

Cost: 30 Firework Cookies

New 2023 Lucky Codex

Limited Edition

Provides +1 Luck until the end of 2023!

Cost: 70 Firework Cookies

New New Year's Party Scroll Case

A map with space for 10 Hunters!

Cost: 100 Firework Cookies
& 3 Ancient Relics

New Bundles for a New Year!

New bundles and supplies have arrived at the Premium Shop and are available until January 10.

New Year's Party Bundle
Includes a Map Scroll Case! (Limit 3)
Rowdy PartyBots Skin
Get Rowdy with the PrinceBot!
100 2023 Charms
Ring in the New Year!
100 Rift 2023 Charms
Massive Power!

Reminder: On Wednesday, January 4 2023, the Great Winter Hunt event will enter its shutdown phase. At this time, Pecan Pecorino, Golem Parts, and Sugar Cookies can no longer be found as loot drops. Forges will still work at the Golem Workshop and Cannons can still be fired at the Ice Fortress but Compressed Cinnamon will no longer drop in Cinnamon Hill.

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Posted Dec 28, 2022 3:45pm by Dave Vanderburg

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