Snowstorm Approaching the Taiga!

A blizzard of Animated Snow is on the way!
A powerful Animated Snow Storm is projected to strike the Taiga on December 15

Weather Event Approaching!

Ice Fortress

The Frost King's seemingly endless supply of Frost Globes continues to have a chilling effect on the Great Winter Taiga!

A movement of warm, humid air from the Tribal Isles is approaching the now chilled waters south of the Great Winter Taiga. When the moisture-soaked air strikes the frigid atmosphere of the Taiga a blizzard is certain to occur!

This weather event is forecasted to last all of Thursday, December 15 beginning at 12:00am UTC (same time the Advent Calendar can be claimed).

An Animated Snow Storm

Thursday will be no ordinary blizzard! There's still magic in the air from when the Festive Comet came crashing down causing this blizzard to be made of Animated Snow!

During the Animated Snow Storm ALL mice at the Great Winter Taiga will drop Animated Snow!

Most mice will drop 1 to 5 per catch but the Snowflake, Joy, and Glazy mice will each drop 1O Animated Snow!

Animated Snow Storm Forecasted!
Storm begins at 12:00am UTC on December 15 and lasts for 24 hours
While the storm is active all mice at the Great Winter Taiga will drop Animated Snow
The Snowflake, Joy, and Glazy mice will each drop 10 Animated Snow
As usual, Festive Spirit will add +1 Animated Snow whenever a mouse drops some
Time Until Animated Snow Storm Hits!

Posted Dec 13, 2022 7:33pm by Dave Vanderburg

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