Hunter's Horn and Travel Revamp!

New horn and travel map functionality!
A shiny new Hunter's Horn and quality-of-life updates!

Hunter's Horn and Travel Map Updates

Greetings, hunters! Today we are bringing you some awesome new quality-of-life updates! We have updated the look and feel of the Hunter's Horn and improved the flow while traveling!

A New Horn is Here!

We have updated the look and feel of the Hunter's Horn with high-definition images, improved animation, bulletin board messaging, and an improved location display! Sound your horn now to take it for a spin!

Shiny and New!

Can't sound the horn just yet? Check it out below!

Travel Updates

We have also introduced some minor quality-of-life improvements to traveling! On browser, when you travel you will now get a popup letting you know that you have reached your new location as well as a button to take you straight to Camp!

Travel on Browser

On mobile, we'll be introducing a similar change as part of the next app update!

Smelly Sodium Base Updates

New research into the Smelly Sodium Base has unlocked additional effects!

After being exposed to an immense amount of salt, the base's layers have peeled back to reveal an infinitely dense salty core within! When catching mice with any Salt Charm in the Sand Crypts, the salt level will be increased by an additional +1 salt.

Smelly Sodium Base now adds +1 salt level in the Sand Crypts when any Salt Charm is consumed!

We hope you enjoy these updates and we look forward to bringing you more improvements in the future!

Happy Hunting!

Posted Nov 29, 2022 3:46pm by Franco D'Auria

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