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Winter Hunt Advent Calendar

Tasty treats each day in December!
Unbox Advent Chocolates and bonus items throughout December!

The Winter Hunt Advent Calendar

A dose of festive spirit can be felt in the air which can only mean one thing: The Great Winter Hunt is nearly here! With the year's most festive event on the horizon, the tradition of the Winter Hunt Advent calendar is posed to start. From December 1 to December 24 hunters will be able to open a door on the Advent Calendar to find rewards.

Opening a door on the Advent Calendar will always reward an Advent Chocolate which you'll be able to exchange during the Great Winter Hunt for various trap skins and other unique rewards.

If you open a door on the same day that it unlocks, you'll also receive a special bonus reward in addition to your Advent Chocolate. Bonus rewards include several familiar favourites such as Festive Ultimate Luck Charms, Rare Map Dust, and SUPER|brie+ to name a few. As with every year, there are also a few new rewards to find!

Make sure to check in each day from December 1 to December 24 to see what bonus item the Advent Calendar has!

Browser calendar bannerMobile calendar banner
Keep an eye on the camp section to access the Advent Calendar each day

When the time comes, a banner will appear in the camp section if you have a reward to claim from the Advent Calendar. You'll find the banner above your journal if you're playing from a web browser or at the bottom of the camp section if you're playing from the mobile app.

Each new Gnawnian Day begins at midnight UTC.

Rare Map Dust Promotion Ends Soon

Relic Hunter Season 10 is underway! The Relic Hunter Mouse has been pursued by hunters throughout the Kingdom in search of her scroll cases leading to new treasures!

Tuesday, November 29 is the FINAL full day to take advantage of these promotions! There's not much time left to pick up these popular promotions including $1 Rare Map Dust and Gilded Scroll Cases!

Gilded Scroll Case
Golden Shield in each chest!
20 Rare Map Dust
20 for $20!
Gilded Scroll Case and Map Dust Bundle
Gilded Scroll + Dust
Gilded Scavenger Scroll Case
Golden Shield in each chest!
Rare Map Dust Crafter's Kit
200 Essence and 40 Dust for $40!
Relic Hunter Starter Pack
Limit Three!

Last chance to pick up these deals!

The Great Winter Hunt

With the changing of the season an especially chilly blast of arctic air can be felt rolling over the North Rodentia Ocean. This suspicious cold front prompted the King to send an expedition of researchers to investigate the sudden and drastic drop in temperature. To their surprise the researchers discovered a mountainous outcrop of giant cinnamon trees growing out of the snow-covered ground!

The researchers deduced that these colossal cinnamon trees are in fact the primary source of the powerful new fuel that was discovered during last year's Great Winter Hunt: Compressed Cinnamon! This potent and efficient resource is infinitely renewable, burns perfectly clean, and releases a pleasantly sweet aroma to boot! This massive stockpile of Compressed Cinnamon will no doubt be a tremendous boon to the Kingdom's energy production.

However, the researchers reported another discovery much more sinister and unsettling than the first. Far off in the distance they witnessed a massive construction of snow and jagged ice that appears to be the origin of the unnaturally chilling arctic breeze that is spreading throughout the Kingdom. The King's researchers are now en route to investigate this frigid and foreboding structure and will report back soon.

Check back on December 1 to open the first door of the Advent Calendar!

The Great Winter Hunt begins on Tuesday, December 6!

Posted Nov 28, 2022 4:27pm by Dave Vanderburg

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