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Important News for Novices and Apprentices

Hello Mousehunt Communi-TAY! We need feedback from Novice and Apprentice hunters!

A very common piece of feedback we receive from new players is that progression feels very slow at the beginning of the game. We see a lot of Novices feeling like it takes an eternity to graduate to Apprentice.

To address this concern, the King is going to be adding two new titles: Recruit and Initiate. The Recruit title will be after Novice, as you've joined the ranks proper. The Initiate title will come after Apprentice. Therefore the first four titles will be: Novice, Recruit, Apprentice, Initiate.

In addition to the new titles, hunters will start the game in the Meadow where a Cheese Shoppe and Trapsmith will be added. Recruits will unlock the Town of Gnawnia, an Apprentice will unlock a new area called the Windmill, and a Initiate will unlock the Harbour.

This is a little different from what we outlined in a previous news post. We've decided to add the new titles after Novice and Apprentice so that players will only gain a level, instead of losing one when the update is applied.

Due to this change you may lose access to the Town of Gnawnia if you remain a Novice and will lose access to the Harbour if you remain an Apprentice. Once the change is applied, user's titles will be checked at these locations. If you no longer meet the title requirement for an area you will NOT be removed from the location. However, should you leave the location you will be unable to return until you meet the new title requirement.

We welcome your feedback on the discussion boards within this thread.

Thanks hunters!

Posted Jun 18, 2010 7:35pm by Dave Vanderburg

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