A New Dawn for Fort Rox!

The Meteorite Miners in Fort Rox are digging deeper!
Quality of life improvements, faster adventure progression, and more resources!

Meteorites Galore!

The mining mice inhabiting the area of Fort Rox are digging deeper into the meteor than ever before! As such, some of the mice are now carrying up to three times as many meteorite pieces! Hunters will now be able to upkeep their fortress wall and craft nighttime baits much more efficiently.

In addition to more meteorite pieces, the mice have been mining an abundance of other resources as well such as more Howlite, Tower Mana, and even Moon Cheese!

Weaker mice and better cheese!

Distracted by their newfound wealth, the Fort Rox mice have let their guard down so Hunters will find that they are now almost twice as easy to catch, even without any Ballista or Cannon upgrades!

Additionally, the new and improved Crescent Cheese is now irresistible to the mice in the area so it will never fail to attract! Meanwhile, the more refined taste of Moon Cheese will attract high-value mice even more often than before!

Crescent Cheese now has a 100% attraction rate and Moon Cheese now attracts even more valuable mice!

Finally, Larry has realized some new efficiencies within his Fortress Building Blueprints™, which should cut down on construction costs for any Hunters looking to build new Fort upgrades!

Posted Nov 15, 2022 3:55pm by Jake Nissen

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