The Magic of the Cauldrons Fades Tomorrow!

Halloween is ending VERY soon in the Kingdom of Gnawnia!
Brew, smash or spend your resources before the Gloomy Greenwood is gone!

The Gloomy Greenwood is Fading Away...

On November 16 Baba Gaga, her hut, and the Gloomy Greenwood location will be GONE!

The Gloomy Greenwood location will disappear! Any hunters still in the Greenwood will be escorted to the Town of Gnawnia by the King's Guards.

Make sure you cash out all of your event rewards before it's too late!

Make sure to brew it, smash it, or spend it all before November 16!

At this point, the following ingredients will be removed from your inventory:

Any potions you've purchased and any event cheese that you have already brewed will not be removed.

Limited deals will be gone tomorrow!

Grab them before they're gone on November 9!

Spooky Trap Skin Bundle
3 spooky trap skins & shuffle supplies!
Spooky Shuffle Starter Pack
Start shuffling for only $0.99! Limit one.
Spooky Shuffle Mega Bundle
For the serious shuffler! Limit three.

The following items will still be available for purchase from the Premium Shop until November 16:

15 Reactive Reagent
Finish a brew!
5 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Match for rewards!
15 Super Spooky Charms
Power up!
Spooky Shuffle Dust
Unique rewards!
Spooky Shuffle Pack
For a friend!

Spooky Shuffle Shuts Down on November 30

The Spooky Shuffle will be sticking around until November 30 so make sure to use up your Spooky Shuffle Dust and Tickets before then!

Play the Spooky Shuffle now!

Relic Hunter Season 10 Begins November 9!

The new Relic Hunter season is starting on Wednesday, November 9 and with it comes two brand new Limited Edition bases to replace last year's seasonal rewards!

Finish up any last remaining maps and claim your Season 9 rewards before tomorrow!

Posted Nov 8, 2022 3:55pm by Franco D'Auria

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