October 12, 2022 (#3)

Patch Notes for October 12, 2022

  • Pungent Pumpkins can now be smashed into 1 x Spooky Charm each
  • Marshmarrow can now be smashed into 1 x Super Spooky Charm each
  • Ghost Peppers can now be smashed into 1 x Extreme Spooky Charm each
  • AvocAAAAHdos can now be smashed into 1 x Ultimate Spooky Charm each
  • Fixed typo in the Boiling Cauldron Trap description
  • Fixed display for the Boiling Cauldron Trap's Boon Bonus description on mobile
  • Fixed issue with Spooky Shuffle displaying invalid card combinations during "Grand Duke and up" board
  • Fixed a display issue when zooming in on the bait selector in the Gloomy Greenwood
  • Enabled the Halloween-themed side bars
  • Terrifying Spider Trap should now emerge from its web

Posted Oct 12, 2022 by Franco D'Auria

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