September 13, 2022

Patch Notes for September 13, 2022

  • Added close button to top-right of Premium Shop
  • Payment gateway selection in Premium Shop is now selected at checkout
  • Back button in Premium Shop now appears in the top-right when viewing an item or reviewing cart
  • Changed "Checkout" button to "View Cart" and "Place Order" buttons in their respective parts of the Premium Shop
  • Removed secondary "Checkout" button at the top of the Premium Shop
  • Simplified cart summary interface in Premium Shop
  • Payment terms of service now open within a popup when accessed via the Premium Shop
  • Checking out via PayPal no longer directs players away from the game and is completed within a popup
  • Order summary after checkout now appears within the Premium Shop where players can easily open Supply Kits and view item details
  • Should a purchase be cancelled or experience an issue better messaging and help buttons appear in the Premium Shop
  • Added confirmation step when completely removing an item from the cart in the Premium Shop
  • Journal entries for Premium Shop purchases now include a link to a receipt
  • Updated Lexicon layout for baskets and kits to use a larger image and better display any associated Aura(s)
  • Fixed but that would occasionally prevent a limited-time promotional bundle or item from being able to be removed from a player's cart

Posted Sep 13, 2022 by Dave Vanderburg

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