October 5, 2021

Patch Notes for October 5, 2021

Gameplay Updates

  • Many types of cheese throughout the game have had their attraction rates increased
    • Cheddar Cheese increased to 70% attraction rate (previously 50%)
    • Marble Cheese increased to 75% attraction rate (previously 65%)
    • Swiss Cheese increased to 80% attraction rate (previously 73%)
    • Brie Cheese increased to 85% attraction rate (previously 80%)
    • Gouda Cheese increased to 90% attraction rate (previously 85%)
    • All existing types of cheese with an attraction rate lower than 70% have been increased to 70% to be at least on par with the new improved rate for Cheddar Cheese
    • All existing types of cheese with an attraction rate of 95% or higher have been increased to 100% chance to attract

Town of Gnawnia and Windmill Gameplay Updates

  • Mouse rarities have been altered in the Town of Gnawnia and Windmill such that each of the 4 basic types of cheese (Cheddar, Marble, Swiss, Brie) attract from a distinctly different pool of mice
  • Bounty Mice in the Town of Gnawnia adventure are now more likely to be attracted using either of their preferred varieties of cheese
  • The bounty rewards for capturing the Cowardly Mouse and Speedy Mouse in the Town of Gnawnia have been increased
  • Packets of Flour are now guaranteed to drop every time a mouse is caught at the Windmill
  • As the Windmill RPM increases with each catch mice will now begin to drop Packets of Flour in consistently larger quantities (up to 5)
  • Windmill RPM thresholds have been altered
  • Grilled Cheese is now purchased in batches of five using 60 Packets of Flour

Mouse Updates

  • Captain Croissant Mouse has had her power increased to feel more appropriate as a “boss” mouse encounter
  • The following mice found primarily in early-game areas are now easier to catch:
    • Bionic Mouse
    • Diamond Mouse
    • Dwarf Mouse
    • Farmhand Mouse
    • Gold Mouse
    • Granite Mouse
    • Longtail Mouse
    • Master Burglar Mouse
    • Nibbler Mouse
    • Pugilist Mouse
    • Silvertail Mouse
    • Speedy Mouse
    • Spud Mouse
    • Steel Mouse
  • The following mice now reward more gold upon capture:
    • Captain Croissant Mouse: 2000g (previously 1000g)
    • Diamond Mouse: 800g (previously 600g)
    • Flying Mouse: 750g (previously 450g)
    • Gold Mouse: 1500g (previously 1200g)
    • Magic Mouse: 2250g (previously 1250g)
    • Nibbler Mouse: 1400g (previously 900g)
    • Silvertail Mouse: 1800g (previously 1200g)
    • Speedy Mouse: 1200g (previously 900g)
    • Tiny Mouse: 900g (previously 450g)
  • The Cowardly Mouse now always drops a small amount of Marble Cheese
  • The Longtail Mouse now always drops a small amount of Swiss Cheese
  • The Flying Mouse now always drops a small amount of Brie Cheese
  • Players with the title of Recruit or below are guaranteed to attract a mouse with every hunt; Upon graduating to Apprentice, failure to attract will begin to function normally

Posted Oct 5, 2021 by Jake Nissen

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