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June 17, 2020

Patch Notes for June 17, 2020

PHP 7.4 Migration

We recently upgraded our cloud servers to use the latest version of PHP 7.4. This comes with major performance improvements.
Additional changes rolled out alongside the PHP 7.4 upgrade:
  • The "Journals" tab on Team page is now only visible by fellow team members
  • Winter Cup Dissonance Trap Skin is no longer frozen on the Marketplace.
  • Updated informational message displayed when maps are able to use consolation mode to not mention that "goals may no longer be available".
  • The next mobile update will correct an issue where the Fort Rox HUD erronously displays "The Dawn Destroyer mice will do 0% damage to your wall".

Posted Jun 17, 2020 by Giorgio 🔧 Sintichakis

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