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June 2, 2020

Patch Notes for June 2, 2020

  • Desktop scoreboard page updated with a new interface.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks for forum display.
  • Minor display fixes for desktop map invite display.
  • Fixed Facebook journal sharing.
  • Corrected camp page issue where tab notifications counters were accidentally incremented multiple times.
  • An ad banner was added at the bottom of the site as well as the forums.
  • The various friend interaction buttons within the mobile app will now correctly update after changing friend status.
  • Hunters can now send friend invites to fellow team members from the Team page.
  • Fixed an issue with interaction buttons when accepting a request or unfriending from the profile page. This fix applies to both browser and mobile.
Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.91.3 and above

Posted Jun 2, 2020 by Dave Vanderburg

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