We're investigating slow game loading and errors: The game may occasionally be unavailable as we work on fixes.
We're investigating slow game loading and errors: The game may occasionally be unavailable as we work on fixes.
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January 28, 2020

Patch Notes for January 28, 2020

General Patch Notes

  • With the conclusion of the Lunar New Year event the various stockpile locations and event functionality have been removed. Players may still claim track rewards for a few days.
  • Wild Tonic will now automatically deactivate at the end of an eruption in Queso Geyser with an appropriate journal message.
  • Corrected issue where Spooky Shuffle cards would briefly show an incorrect item name when being flipped.
  • Corrected typo in "Gnawnia" within the description of Wild Tonic.
  • Tweaked description of Living Grove Base to provide better clarity of the base only producing loot when capturing a mouse.
  • Corrected Toxic Spill recommended power type in Adventure Book.
  • Added "Rebuild" to the name of the recipes to reconstruct the Net Cannon and Obelisk of Slumber.
  • Revised descriptions of Lunar and Solar Celestial Dissonance Skins for consistency.
  • Overhauled how reset password links are emailed to reduce the likelihood of links either not being received or being sent to spam.
  • Codex of Valour: Bard Page now correctly has a luck icon printed on it instead of a power icon.
  • Added a "Very Likely" category to Treasure Map previews to account for items that have an extremely close, but not equal to 100% chance of appearing in a chest.
  • Updated crafting interfaces to not allow a hunter to attempt to craft an item which they already own the max quantity of.
  • Fixed typo in Extra Course Salt description.
  • Harpy Mouse thumbnail now faces the same direction as its full size illustration.
  • Created higher resolution icons for all power types and updated their look.
  • CharmBits and Rift Curd can now be purchased from the Whisker Woods General Store.
  • The Slippery Rat Slide Trap Skin is can now be sent to friends as well as purchased and sold on the marketplace.
  • Added some new items and updated assets in preparation of the Valentine's Mini Event coming in February, 2020.
  • Haunted Treasure Hunting Kit now displays the correct Lucky Golden Shield duration when viewed in the marketplace.
  • Corrected dimensions for the Father Winter Timepiece trap thumbnail image.
  • Correctly categorized various Bounty Reward Chests as "Treasure Chests".
  • Marked the following discontinued Lunar New Year "Cozy Carl's Cruise" collectibles as limited edition: Acolyte Realm Miniature, Digby Lab Miniature, Gnawnian Express Miniature, Harbour Miniature, Gnawnian Shoreline Miniature, Hollow Heights Miniature, Iceberg Miniature, Huntington III Miniature, Sunken City Miniature, Tribal Isles Miniature, Zugzwang's Island Miniature, Torn Party Crown, Party Cracker.

Browser Game

  • Corrected issue where Larry's Loot Lexicon would show outdated "You Own" quantity if an item has been looted or used since the last page refresh.
  • Corrected issue where opening the Trap Effectiveness Meter without bait armed would display "An error occurred while trying to open this item" message.
  • Corrected issue where a blank white box would be displayed when sharing "get free tickets" from the Daily Raffle page.
  • Valour Rift Tower progress bar now has seven sections before the final "Total Eclipse" box.
  • Fixed incorrect Total Eclipse thumbnail image being displayed on the Valour Rift Tower progress bar.
  • Fixed "One - Bard" being displayed instead of "One Band Mouse" in the King's Crown section of a player profile.
  • Corrected broken link to HitGrab Store in the community drop down menu.
  • Fixed alignment issue when a friend was active "less than a second ago" on the friends list.
  • Corrected issue causing Rice Paper to show trap stats in the Training Grounds General Store.
  • Creating Gauntlet String Cheese from the Valour Rift HUD now shows the correct amount of Magic Essence being used.
  • Corrected inconsistent Forbidden Grove timing messages when viewing the area's description in different places.
  • Corrected problem where some players were unable to remove specific hunters as friends.
  • Tweaked recipe book interface to make recipes with a large quantity of ingredients easier to read.
  • Fixed problem where sometimes navigating to a Hunter Profile would fail.
  • Aura effects now appear in the trap effectiveness view.
  • Corrected problem where some hunter's trap power would be incorrect in the heads-up display while using old-style navigation buttons.
  • Corrected issue causing a blank interface to be displayed in the Premium Shoppe if a hunter lacks a map piece.
  • Opening the map interface in a new tab/window while on the forums now correctly loads the map interface.
  • Fixed an overlapping Limited Edition shield in the image of the Snowglobe Trap.
  • Overhauled the following HUDs and interfaces to improve performance: Muridae Market, Claw Shot City, Eggsweeper and Eggscavator, Burroughs Rift, Town of Gnawnia, King's Calibrator, Gnawnia Rift, Seasonal Garden, Zugzwang's Tower, Crystal Library, Zokor, and Iceberg.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect item requirements would be displayed in Muridae Market shops if navigating to the shops from the Muridae Market HUD.
  • Clicking "My Profile" at the very top of the game no longer reloads the page to navigate to a hunter's profile.
  • Trap Effectiveness Meter now displays an explanation for Snowball and Spooky Charm bonuses.
  • Refactored or removed old code used to support no longer supported Facebook features.
  • Filtered Cheese Effect trap effectiveness view to hide items that have no effect.
  • Fixed Camp Page trap selector bait image not updating when disarmed.
  • Fixed Profile Mice tab issue where selecting another category showed mice in the wrong format.
  • Updated Profile King's Crown tab to obscure mice the viewing hunter hasn't caught yet.
  • Updated Profile Items tab to show all items the hunter has ever owned.
  • Fixed display issues with Claw Shot City HUD.
  • Fixed math error on the Shops page affecting how many items the page estimated a hunter could buy.

Mobile App

The following updates may require updating the mobile app to v1.89.2. This update may still be propagating throughout the App Store and Google Play.

  • Corrected issue where horn ready notifications would appear while the app is open and running.
  • Corrected issue where hunters could attempt to buy more of an item than they can afford if that item only costs items and not gold.
  • Corrected issue where players could attempt to purchase a greater quantity of an item than the item's max inventory quantity would allow.
  • Corrected issue where a hunter would get locked out of the app by a blank "overlay" when sounding the horn from the journal section of the app.
  • Fixed incorrect Valour Rift Tower Augmentation icon being displayed in a Floor Cache summary for Secret Research.
  • Corrected problem preventing some players from being able to tap the claim nest loot button in Queso Geyser.
  • Button to enter Zugzwang's Tower in the Seasonal Garden HUD is now correctly centered.
  • Corrected text overflow issue in the "Invite Friends" button within the tournament camp banner.
  • Corrected overflow issue in the tournament camp banner.
  • Corrected issue where some players would not always receive a horn ready notification on Android.
  • Corrected problem causing the Queso Geyser HUD to not load while cheese was disarmed.
  • The inventory search bar no longer needs to be tapped a second time to bring up the keyboard on iOS.
  • Seasonal Garden HUD now shows the correct season name and illustration.
  • Removed various snow and wintry images from the map.

Posted Jan 28, 2020 by Dave Vanderburg

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