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Thanks for your service, hunter!

Two new mice at the Festive Comet!

Two new mice at the Festive Comet!
The Missile Toe and Mouse of Winter Past are on the loose!
Both have special loot!

The 9th Mouse of Winter

Missile Toe Mouse
Attracted to Gingerbread and SUPER|brie+
Has loot to build the Explosive Toboggan Ride -- Visit the Trapsmith at the Festive Comet for info.

When this mouse was told about the traditions of the Great Winter Hunt, he found one to be of particular interest; though he couldn't understand why anyone would kiss while their toes are subject to laser guided missile attacks.

The First of "The Three Ghosts"

Mouse of Winter Past
The Scrooge Mouse has a ghostly visitor at the Festive Comet, one that has Scrooge fearing the sound of rattling chains. The Mouse of Winter Past is an elusive mouse that enjoys the taste of Seasoned Gouda and holds an item used to build an upgrade for the Explosive Toboggan Ride.

Massive Festive Gift Basket

By popular demand, a gift basket of massive proportions has been added! Remember to lift with your legs when giving this basket because 1,600 SUPER|brie+ in a large shipping crate is heavy! The basket also provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 2 months when opened.

The Great Winter Hunt ends January 6th, 2010
Make sure to head to the Festive Comet and sound your horn!
Happy Holiday Hunting!

Posted Dec 17, 2010 4:09pm by Dave Vanderburg

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