October 23, 2019

Patch Notes for October 23, 2019

  • Added Limited Edition tag to Pearly Gate Grappler Trap Skin
  • Rift Spooky Charms now drop inside the Rift Gauntlet Tower while firing cannonballs
  • Bring Down the Grand Ghostship adventure goal for claiming 3 rewards now works properly
  • Set maximum inventory quantity for Happy Halloween and Admiral's Ship journal themes
  • Hunter ID now appears on mobile hunter profiles
  • Mobile Halloween HUD now updates when arming/disarming cannonballs
  • Browser Halloween HUD "wooden boards" background behind Boosted Shots restored
  • Fix for hunters being unable to load game while using non-Rift traps in the Valour Rift without bait armed
  • Removed Mousoleum and added Valour Rift to Halloween tourneys

Posted Oct 23, 2019 by Giorgio Sintichakis

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