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New Mice Invade the Comet!

New Wave of Mice Invade the Comet!
The Trapsmith at the Festive Comet has a new item!
New potion found as loot at Festive Comet!

New Wave of Mice Invade the Festive Comet

The mice ruining the Great Winter Hunt celebration have slowly been pushed into hiding by the hunting efforts of the brave hunters there! This moment may, however, appear to be the calm before the storm. New and more powerful mice have shown up at the comet and are eager to put an end to the Great Winter Hunt!

Not only has the cold-hearted Scrooge mouse shown up, but also entirely new and more menacing mice have made an appearance. These more powerful mice are more difficult to hunt, requiring a specially seasoned version of Gouda cheese. Luckily, a new potion has been found at the comet that will convert your bait into Seasoned Gouda to help in hunting these new mice.

Scrooge Mouse
Cold-hearted and cruel
Scrooge has brought some seriously powerful re-enforcements

Seasoned Gouda Potion
Newly discovered loot at Festive Comet
Attracts more powerful mice

Be ready for a challenge before arming Seasoned Gouda... these mice are tough!

New Item at the Festive Comet Trapsmith

After carefully studying the Festive Fuses dropped by Stocking mice at the Festive Comet, the Trapsmith there has designed the new Explosive Toboggan Ride trap! In order to build an Explosive Toboggan Ride, you'll need to collect the six required items from some of the 12 Mice of Winter.

The winter fun doesn't stop there! A couple of interesting items have been discovered while hunting with Seasoned Gouda that will no doubt make a powerful upgrade to the Explosive Toboggan Ride. Be prepared, however; collecting the additional items from powerful mice at the Festive Comet is a task for experienced hunters looking for a challenge. More information will be revealed as new mice are released!

Explosive Toboggan Ride
Built from loot collected from some of the 12 Mice of Winter
Visit the Trapsmith at the Festive Comet for info
For experienced hunters, an upgrade can be built

This Thursday is the LAST and BIGGEST Elf Madness!

Like hunting Elf mice? Love opening neatly wrapped gifts? Then don't miss a minute of horn sounding this Thursday during the final Elf Madness where more Elf mice than ever will be on the loose!

2010 Winter Star

Hunters are drawing nearer to luring the festi-villain out of hiding and restoring the Winter Star! These mice won't go down without a fight, so be ready!

The star is not all that went missing during the massive explosion of last year's eggnog... The festi-villain also managed to steal a special gift the King was holding onto for the hunters. The King doesn't want to spoil the surprise, but is eager for hunters to track down the villain and claim their gift!

The Great Winter Hunt ends January 6th, 2011
Make sure to head to the Festive Comet and sound your horn!
Happy Holiday Hunting!

Posted Dec 15, 2010 6:47pm by Dave Vanderburg

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