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October 16, 2019

Patch Notes for October 16, 2019

  • Can now retreat on floor one of the Rift Gauntlet Tower

    Ongoing Valour Rift Patch Work

    We disabled retreat upon noticing an oversight with how the reward structure is setup while using Champion's Fire that would greatly reduce the time taken to earn rewards and create monotonous and repetitive gameplay.

    If left unaddressed, as hunters upgrade their speed in the Valour Rift they'll eventually always retreat on floor 9 after a handful of hunts. This is not particularly interesting and creates an extremely repetitive and active style of gameplay where each tower "run" is more or less exactly the same repeated hundreds of times.

    We disabled retreating so that early players of the area would not have such a significant advantage in how quickly they can earn rewards while we worked on the problem. We've been working on a fix and are now in the process of testing things out with a group of players.

    The three biggest changes we're testing are:

    • Exponentially increasing fragments/cores looted on higher floors
    • Increasing Tower Secret rewards on higher floors up to a maximum cap
    • Slightly increasing Tower Secrets dropped by mice on higher floors

    If these three changes prove successful we'll also need to adjust the cost of some upgrades, augmentations, and area rewards, such as:

    • Increasing the cost of upgrades which use Tower Secrets, Fragments, or Cores
    • Increasing the cost of Ultimate Umbra
    • Increasing the cost of String Stepping and potentially Elixir Rain
    • Increasing the core cost of the Celestial Dissonance and Codex Pages

    These increases will be relative to the increase in earning potential, meaning they should take roughly the same number of hunts to complete as they do now, but the numbers will all be larger. Leaving retreat active would mean hunters in the area now could earn these rewards much quicker than intended.

    The ability to retreat will come back and as intended, hunters may find it advantageous to retreat when doing shorter runs to then setup a longer run. Unfortunately our oversight with how fragments were setup meant there wasn't a reason to do a longer run, creating the repetitive gameplay issue.

    We want to make sure we take the time to properly test these changes and get things right. Although we don't have an estimated release date at this time, we'll keep hunters in the loop during the testing process.

    Thanks for your patience while we work on correcting the oversight.

    Posted Oct 16, 2019 by Dave Vanderburg

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