October 8, 2019

Patch notes for October 8, 2019

  • Various minor tweaks to news post layout, and look and feel
  • Fixed issue in Queso Geyser mobile app HUD where an incorrect power type warning would be displayed when using Bland Queso
  • Fixed issue where claiming a tournament reward would get stuck on "loading"
  • Adjusted positioning of Wildfire Queso ingredients in the various Queso Canyon desktop app HUDs so as to not overlap with cork quantities
  • Medium Spice Leaf can now be purchased using King's Credits at the King's Arms / King's Cart

Patch notes for mobile app update v1.84.0

  • Fixed inconsistent total mice count by removing prize mice from the total
  • Changed size of mouse thumbnail images in the mouse section
  • Fixed issue where King's Crowns were not scrollable within the mouse section
  • Updated King's Crown "toaster" popup for Platinum and Diamond Crowns
  • Fixed issue where viewing a mouse you've never encountered would freeze the app for 30 seconds
  • Shortened last online time to prevent text overflow
  • Added ability to "unfavourite" mice from the popup
  • Spaced out some cork board UI to make things more comfortable to tap
  • Tapping a cork board message will now open the cork board

Posted Oct 8, 2019 by Dave Vanderburg

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