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King's Gauntlet Tier 2: Thief Mice Now Released!

Tier two mice of the King's Gauntlet are now released! The King will now allow hunters to use their Tier Two Gauntlet Potions to produce the cheese required to hunt the next tier of mice!

The thieving mice on the second floor of the King’s Gauntlet can't keep their hands off Tier Two Gauntlet Cheese. To keep the little pickpockets from getting away with too much of your cheese, use a physical trap to stop them in their tracks.

Tier two now makes the following mice available:

Lockpick Mouse
Impersonator Mouse
Stealth Mouse
Rogue Mouse
Escape Artist Mouse
Bandit Mouse

As you move through the tiers of the gauntlet, the mice become more and more profitable!

Good luck with Tier Two and collecting potions for next week, when Tier Three will be available!

Since the Longtail launch, we’ve been working hard to implement all of the helpful comments provided by our users to make the game better. Here's the latest list of changes/fixes that have been put in place:

- The drop rate of Thorned Vine in Cape Clawed has been increased
- The drop rate of the Keeper's Candle in the Catacombs has been increased
- King's Rewards have been enabled
- Larry's hunting tips for the Laboratory and Town of Digby have been updated to reflect changes to how hunters gain access to the Mouseoleum
- A problem where some hunters were stuck in the Forbidden Grove has been fixed
- The effectiveness of luck has been slightly increased

Here's what we're currently focused on fixing:

- Ability to post journals to your Facebook wall
- Some heaviest catch stats are a little out of whack
- Getting Offerpal and Facebook Credits back up and running
- Give to friends page fails to load when you have a lot of friends
- Occasionally a journal fails to appear when sounding the horn

We want to thank the community for the great feedback we received, and we encourage you to keep it coming!

Posted Jun 15, 2010 6:24pm by Dave Vanderburg

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