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Festive Comet has Landed - The Great Winter Hunt has Begun!

The Festive Comet has landed!
The Great Winter Hunt of 2010 has begun!
New festivities will be available throughout December!
Elf Hunting, lighting the Great Winter Tree and more!

The Festive Comet Has Landed!

Check your travel map hunters! The Festive Comet has landed in Gnawnia where there is much snowy hunting to be done! There are festively dressed mice to hunt as well as the always mischievous Elf mouse, which is carrying gifts of all shapes and sizes. If you catch an Elf mouse you'll find a gift specially wrapped depending on your Hunter's Title. Many of the gifts contain a little cheese to help you in your hunting, but occasionally you may just find something a little more special.

Blue Winter Hunt Gift Box
For hunters of ranks Novice to Grandmaster

Green Winter Hunt Gift Box
For hunters of ranks Legendary through Knight

Red Winter Hunt Gift Box
For hunters of rank Lord, Lady or higher

The Festive Gift Shoppe Has Returned!

The Festive Gift Shoppe has returned to Gnawnia where you can use your gold to send gifts to friends. There is no limit on how many gifts you can send from the Festive Gift Shoppe, as well as no limit on how many gifts you can claim that were sent from the Festive Gift Shoppe. If you're feeling generous and want to let someone know you're thinking of them this Great Winter Hunt, pick out something special and buy it for a friend!

There are festive collectible items that can be sent to friends, as well as Gingerbread Planks. Planks can be smashed with your Hunter's Hammer to produce 15 pieces of Gingerbread Cheese. This festive bait, along with SUPER|brie+, is a favourite of Elf mice. The Festive Gift Shoppe is expecting new items to arrive throughout December, so be sure to check back often!

New Festive Gift Baskets and Trap Skins

New festive gift baskets are available that contain SUPER|brie+ and the Lucky Golden Shield. There are also two new trap skins that give the RhinoBot and Clockapult of Time a fun, festive look.

Festive Gift Basket
125 SUPER|brie+
1 Month Lucky Golden Shield

Jumbo Festive Gift Basket
200 SUPER|brie+
1 Month Lucky Golden Shield

Icy RhinoBot Skin
Sub-zero mouse pummeler

Clockapult of Winter Past Skin
Time traveling mouse trap!

Great Winter Star Ceremony - November 29th

Just before the start of December is the Great Winter Star Ceremony. It's a celebration held by the King where the previous year's Winter Star is removed from the top of the tree and the new one is placed on top. Some mice truly despise the festivities, so there is sure to be some trouble. Mark November 29th on your calendars -- The King will need help making sure no unruly mice crash the party.

Where Do I Start?

Head over to the Festive Comet and hunt the Elf mice, which enjoy Gingerbread or SUPER|brie+ cheese. If you're feeling in the giving mood, check out the Festive Gift Shoppe and send some friends festive gifts.

Make sure to be at the Festive Comet on November 29th for the Great Winter Star Ceremony where the King will need you to be on the lookout for any suspicious mice. Good luck hunting Elf mice and happy holiday hunting!

Posted Nov 24, 2010 10:41pm by Dave Vanderburg

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