Ronza is almost here...

Help Ronza recover her lost Chrome Bits!
Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... bits of chrome falling from an airship?!

Something in the sky...

Ronza is on her way and it looks like some unusual turbulence has knocked a rather large crate of her Chrome Bits overboard, scattering them across the Kingdom of Gnawnia! Ronza needs these bits in order to produce her fabulous kits of Chrome for all of your wondrous traps. She won't be able to produce any Chrome Kits without her Chrome Bits!

Ronza is currently circling Gnawnia and doing her best to recover most of what she lost but she has announced that she would be forever grateful for those that help her gather them back up and is offering special, unique rewards for the recovery of her lost Chrome Bits!

Recover Chrome Bits to Earn Vouchers

Help Ronza recover her Chrome Bits by hunting throughout Gnawnia. Recover enough and you will be rewarded with two 2019 Chrome Kit Vouchers! These vouchers can then be turned in with enough gold to purchase a Chrome Upgrade Kit of your choice when Ronza lands!

2019 Chrome Kit Voucher
This voucher can be exchanged along with gold to purchase one Chrome Upgrade Kit of your choice during Ronza's visit in 2019. Ronza will award you one for every 100 Chrome Bits you recover, up to a maximum of two vouchers. Each Chrome Kit requires a single voucher to purchase along with a quantity of gold specific to each kit.

1 voucher
11.25m gold

1 voucher
12m gold

1 voucher
12m gold

1 voucher
12.5m gold

1 voucher
39.99m gold

Chrome Bit Rewards

Chrome Bits can be used to purchase valuable items and unique rewards once Ronza lands!

Ronza will be landing and opening her shop on June 25!

Note: With Ronza on her way, we will be freezing Marketplace items involved with her arrival until Thursday, June 20 @ 3:00 PM (UTC). This is in order to give players a chance to cancel their listings in preparation for the return of these items to her shop. When she arrives, all related items will be automatically canceled.

Posted Jun 19, 2019 3:10pm by Franco D'Auria

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