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King's Giveaway Wrap-up

Hey MouseHunters,

The King's giveaway has come to an end. It had been a long time since a giveaway was held and this one was quite different than previous giveaways.

More than 160 Leprechauns were caught, worth cash prizes totaling $5,000. Congrats to Toby, our grand prize winner of $500. More than 1,500 Mobsters were caught worth a total of almost 150,000 SUPER|brie+. Finally, we had close to 150,000 winners of King's Credits totaling more than 2 million King's Credits.

Even though the King's Giveaway has ended, all of the prize mice can still be occasionally encountered. The King's Prize shoppe will remain open and your King's Credits can be cashed in at anytime. We plan on doing a few giveaways a year and will definitely be including the community before the launch of the next giveaway event.

If you've been playing for a while, you know how important your feedback is to us and how it helps shape future content and events. We've started a thread in the Ideas and Suggestions forum to collect feedback from players about the event. We've seen a lot of great ideas about how to improve King's Giveaways.

Based off the feedback we've been getting, we see how we could have done a better job of communicating the odds of winning, setting expectations about the rarity of prize mice and conveying what role prize power plays in attracting a prize mouse. We apologize if you were frustrated by this, and assure you we will do a better job of communicating for the next King's Giveaway.

We'll be taking the constructive feedback we've had during this event and making a few tweaks to the system to make it more fun. We plan on having another giveaway in the not too distant future with an improved and re-vamped system. Please visit the forums to leave your comments and feedback about the event to help make the next King's Giveaway something that everyone will enjoy.

Posted Nov 17, 2010 9:30pm by Dave Vanderburg

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