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King's Giveaway -- Prize Mice on the Loose!

The King is holding an exciting giveaway for a limited time!
$10,000 in SUPER|brie+, $5,000 in cash as well as exciting in-game items!
Take part in catching special Prize Mice for your chance to win.

How is this Giveaway Different from Previous Giveaways?

We've added three new prize mice that are worth King's Credits which can be redeemed at a prize shop for in-game items! These new prize mice are significantly less rare than Mobsters and Leprechauns. We hope that these new prize mice will make the giveaway more fun for everyone, with the oppurtunity for more people to win someting. This is obviously brand new to everyone and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on the forums to improve the next giveaway event!

Prize Mice Available

There are a variety of Prize Mice available, each worth different types of prizes! You can increase your odds of encountering a prize mouse by boosting a new stat called Prize Power. Keep reading to learn more about these mice and how to increase your Prize Power!

Treasurer Mouse
Worth a few King's Credits

Snooty Mouse
Worth a bunch of King's Credits

High Roller Mouse
Worth tons of King's Credits! (JACKPOT!)

Mobster Mouse (Rare)
Worth SUPER|brie+

Leprechaun Mouse (Rare)
Worth cash!

How to Boost Your Prize Power

Prize Mice can be found in all locations except the Meadow. You can encounter a prize mouse by sounding your horn, or a friend sounding the horn and bringing you on a hunt. Boosting your Prize Power will increase your odds of encountering a prize mouse. You can boost your Prize Power by using any of four new special items that are available as gifts and loot. These items are: Lucky Coins, Lucky Horseshoes, Lucky Underwear and Beginner's Luck.

Lucky Coins
Found as loot dropped by any mouse. Visit a friend's profile and "toss" the coin into their Wishing Well and receive +3 Prize Power for both you and your friend. If your friend has less than five Prize Power, you'll both get +5 Prize Power. Alternatively, you can visit the "Special" section of your inventory and "rub" the coin to receive +1 Prize Power. You can hold a maximum of ten coins in your inventory, so make sure to check back often and use them up!

Lucky Horseshoes
Available as a gift of the day during the giveaway. Visit the "Special" section of your inventory to "toss" a horseshoe for a +3 Prize Power boost.

Lucky Underwear
Available as a "Gift of the Day" during the giveaway. Visit the "Special" section of your inventory to "wear" these amazing underpants for a +5 Prize Power boost.

Beginner's Luck
If a friend joins the hunt as a new recruit, you'll receive some of their Beginner's Luck when they sound their horn for their very first time! Visit the "Special" section of your inventory and open a vial for a +8 Prize Power boost.

How Prize Power and Catching Prize Mice Works

Prize Power increases your chances of encountering a prize mouse, as well as increases the chances of encountering the more valuable Prize Mice. Treasurer Mice can be encountered with very little prize power, while High Roller require more prize power.

Your Prize Power resets upon catching a prize mouse, as well as at the very end of the giveaway. As an added bonus, should you encounter a prize mouse and fail to capture it, you'll receive +1 Prize Power to help you encounter another!

Should you catch a prize mouse and win King's Credits, your chance of encountering that same type of prize mouse will be reduced for 24 hours to both give other hunters a chance to win and increase your chances of encountering one of the other Prize Mice. Should you catch a Mobster or Leprechaun, you will be unable to encounter another one for 90 days.

Prizes To Win:

Catching a Mobster Mouse will win you varying amounts of SUPER|brie+. The cheese will be directly added to your inventory.

Catching a Leprechaun Mouse will win you varying amounts of cash! That's right, REAL MONEY! All cash prizes are paid via PayPal, or can be redeemed for SUPER|brie+.

Catching one of the other Prize Mice will earn you King's Credits. These special coins can be exchanged at the King's Royal Prize Shoppe for a variety of in-game items including crafting ingredients, potions, SUPER|brie+, the Lucky Golden Shield and new trap skins! These same prizes will be available again during the next giveaway. None of the new, unique items are limited edition.

See something you don't have enough King's Credits for? Don't worry! You'll be able to save your King's Credits for the next King's Giveaway event!

What are the New Trap Skins?

Brace yourself for ground-breaking style! Trap Skins change your trap's appearence -- not the stats. They make a great way to show some unique style while hunting! The skins are available as prizes in the Giveaway and the Daily Raffle. They are also tradable at the Marketplace with some also available to donators.

To apply a Trap Skin, first dismantle the respective trap with your Hunter's Hammer and craft the resulting parts with the skin.

Where do I Start?

Start hunting for Lucky Coins to "toss" into the Wishing Wells on your friends' profiles! You can use up to ten wells a day, as well as "rub" any extra coins you find to get even more Prize Power! Load up on Lucky Horseshoes and Lucky Underwear -- clicking the "wear all" for button Lucky Underwear not only gives you Prize Power, but makes a bold fashion statement as well ... stylin'! Remember: You need to visit the "Special" section of your inventory to activate these items and raise your Prize Power. Will you use them all at once? Or space out how often you use them? Plan out your strategy, Hunters!

Watch the news ticker at the top of the game for a few hints and tips. Good luck out there and happy hunting!

Posted Nov 11, 2010 9:50pm by Dave Vanderburg

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