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New Gift Claim Page

Hey hunters! A new section has been added to the gifts page where you can view any gifts you have received but have yet to claim. This new section should prove handy for times when you can no longer view the gift notification, or if you've reached the daily gift claim limit and want to claim a gift that you were sent a day or two ago.

Halloween has come and gone and the Haunted Terrortories are about to leave Gnawnia! Good luck if you're still chasing down the sinister Gourdborg Mouse. We hope everyone had fun during the event and encourage hunters to visit the forums and give us suggestions, opinions and feedback we can use when preparing future events.

Happy Hunting!

Also in this update:
- Fixed a problem causing an error page to sometimes be displayed when using the MH Toolbar to sound the horn.
- By popular demand, the chance of receiving Runes from a Mysterious Box has been slightly decreased.
- Fixed a problem where the horn would remain on screen after being clicked.
- Various typo corrections in item and title descriptions.

Posted Nov 1, 2010 6:17pm by Dave Vanderburg

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