Magical Winter Snow Golems have returned!

Festive Comet makes a splash in Rodentia

A particularly icy Festive Comet has crashed into the Rodentia Ocean, obliterating the S.S. Huntington III! Fortunately, the King's Royal Astronomers observed that the comet was off-course and would land in the ocean instead of its usual landing spot near the castle. This allowed the King's Royal Engineers to construct a replacement ship ahead of time with the ample supply of Splintered Wood in the King's Royal Sawmill. You can find the new and improved S.S. Huntington IV just north of its previous location.

However, the trouble didn't end with just the destruction of a beloved ship... A troublesome sculptor mouse has setup base within the icy wreckage and has begun to sculpt animated icebergs to send on a collision course with Gnawnia!

Hunters are tasked with journeying to the icy seas of Rodentia to confront the Iceberg Sculptor Mouse and prevent the demise of the Kingdom.

Destroying Animated Icebergs

The Iceberg Sculptor Mouse's plan of attack involves 10 increasingly larger icebergs, sculpted into festive shapes. To destroy the icebergs, you'll need to send out magical Snow Golems to safely collect Explosive Christmas Crackers. Each iceberg sculpture is larger than the last, requiring more crackers to explode.

The 10th iceberg in the sculptor's fleet is a fortified art studio where the sculptor himself is hiding. Blast the walls of this icy fortress to confront the Iceberg Sculptor Mouse and seize the Iceberg Sculptor's Pick!

Each pick you recover from the Iceberg Sculptor Mouse can be used to chisel open one of four frozen boxes of decorations which can be used to decorate your Golem Generator HUD. While decorated, your generators will attract different breeds of festive mice carrying a variety of sugar cookies.

Collect plenty of each sugar cookie and browse the various festive shoppes at the Festive Comet where the shopkeepers are willing to indulge their sweet tooth and exchange various equipment for your delicious cookies.

Constructing Snow Golems

Once constructed, Snow Golems can be sent to any hunting location you've unlocked and meet the title requirement for. Your golems will collect different loot depending on where they're sent. Additionally, golems will always return with Explosive Christmas Crackers.

Pecan Pecorino Cheese
Possibly the cutest cheese ever molded, this nutty fromage will lure mice carrying various golem parts to your trap. Hunt using any standard type of cheese at the festive comet to collect some, with SUPER|brie+ attracting mice which drop the most.

Glazed Pecan Pecorino Cheese
An extra sweet version of Pecan Pecorino that can attract the Glazy Mouse and Joy Mouse. The Glazy Mouse always drops a golem part and the Joy Mouse carries a stash of Sugar Cookies.

Let It Snow Charm
Push your golem part collection to the extreme by equiping a Let It Snow Charm which can attract the Snow Golem Architect Mouse. The architect always drops 2 limbs and occasionally also drops torsos and heads!

Festive Summoning Bells
Have too many of a specific type of golem part? Use the recycler on the heads-up display to smash parts into Animated Snow which you can then use to create a different type of part. You can also use Animated Snow to purchase a Festive Summoning Bell that will instantly call your golem back with its entire load of loot!

Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat
Better rewards at any level!
100 Glazed Pecan Pecorino
More loot drops!


Defeating the Iceberg Sculptor Mouse will recover a pick which can be used to break the ice off crates of decorations in the heads-up display to decorate your golem generators.

Depending on which decoration you have active, different mice will visit your trap. These mice carry one of four sugar cookies which you can use to purchase a number of festive rewards from the Trapsmith, General Store, and other shoppes.

Golem Guardian Trap (Limited Edition)
Adventure Reward
This very unique trap can put the power of golems to use year-round. Depending on which skin the trap has equipped, the guardian trap will take on a different Power Type and begin constructing a formidable snow golem warrior to hunt mice.

Each hunt you take with the trap will increase its charge and as a result increase its Power, Luck, Power Bonus, and Attraction Bonus. Once fully charged, a unique golem will emerge from the trap signalling it has reached full strength!

Only one skin for the Golem Guardian Trap can be fully charged at a time. Upon changing the skin, each hunt taken with the Golem Guardian Trap will reduce the charge of all other skins which hold any charge while increasing the charge of the currently active skin. Charge levels will only increase or decrease while hunting and swapping skins will not reset charge.

Each skin provides different maximum stats and it takes 500 hunts to fully charge a skin.

Golem Guardian Hydro Skin (Limited Edition)
Adventure Reward
Maximum Stats: 10,000 Power and +28 Luck

Golem Guardian Arcane Skin (Limited Edition)
Available from the Trapsmith
Maximum Stats: 6,000 Power and +28 Luck

Golem Guardian Tactical Skin (Limited Edition)
Available from the Trapsmith
Maximum Stats: 5,000 Power and +30 Luck

Golem Guardian Forgotten Skin (Limited Edition)
Available from the Trapsmith
Maximum Stats: 7,000 Power and +15 Luck

Golem Guardian Physical Skin (Limited Edition)
Available from the Trapsmith
Maximum Stats: 7,000 Power and +32 Luck

Snowball Showdown

Upon reaching level 4, your golems will return with Throwable Snowballs you can use to play the Snowball Showdown and win various prizes. This year, hunters can play an upgraded version of the Snowball Showdown by using Snowball Showdown Dust at the start of a game.

Playing an upgraded board gives a greater quantity of rewards and some rewards are also upgraded! You'll receive Glazed Pecan Pecorino instead of regular pecorino for finding the large gift, Let It Snow Charms instead of Winter Charms for finding the Candy Cane, and Super Snowball Charms instead of Snowball Charms for finding the new Festive Wreath.

Perhaps best of all, playing an upgraded board will always include a new Magical Hat shape that's exlusive to upgraded boards and rewards a Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat each time!

As a final bonus, an upgraded board rewards 50 SUPER|brie+ instead of five.

Snowball Showdown Dust
Better rewards!
50 Throwable Snowballs

Festive Hunting Supplies

To help you forage for Snow Golem parts and blow up icebergs, the King has assembled a variety of supplies. They make great gifts!

100 Pecan Pecorino Cheese
Collect Snow Golem Parts!
100 Glazed Pecan Pecorino
The most golem parts!

15 Let It Snow Charms
Lots of Snow Golem Parts!
100 Let It Snow Charms
Attract the Architect!

3 Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hats
Better Snow Golem Rewards
6 Festive Summoning Bells
Instant Golem Return

Leave Presents Under Friends' Profile Trees

Visit any friend's profile to leave a wrapped gift under their tree! Your friends will be able to open gifts once the Grand Gift Opening Ceremony takes place on Thursday, December 20.

Note that once the Grand Gift Opening Ceremony takes place you'll no longer be able to leave friends gifts. So, if you're planning on putting something under their tree make sure to do so before December 20 arrives.

One final note for hunters on teams: Stockings no longer appear on your team profile page. Instead, teammates are able to leave gifts under each others' profile trees, even if they're not on each others' friends lists.

Published On: December 11, 2018 06:37pm by Dave Vanderburg

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