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Gifting Updates and Upcoming Maintenance

Gifting Updates:

We've been closely watching feedback about the new free gifts in the game and have made a few changes, mainly to the send and claim limits.

You can now claim 10 gifts per day and send up to 10, depending on your Hunter's Title.

We are also in the process of building a page that lists all of your recent unclaimed gifts. This will make it easy to claim gifts from previous days.

As always, we're eager to keep hearing your suggestions! Please visit the forums and make your voice heard. We are confident that together we can find a balance that makes gifting fun and exciting for everyone!

Monday Maintenance:

We'll be making some significant upgrades to the servers that run the game to help keep everything running smoothly. Unfortunately due to the nature of these upgrades the game will be unavailable for about a half an hour, after which we will need to let hunters back into the game slowly. We're planning to start the maintenance at 1pm EDT (5pm GMT).

Good luck in the Haunted Terrortories!

Hunters are no doubt excited to do some Halloween hunting! If you have not been trick-or-treating yet, make sure to visit a friend's hunter profile and see if they've chosen to treat, or trick you! The new Halloween area is packed with eager hunters, making the mice very scared this Halloween season!

Many hunters have already explored their way through the Haunted Terrortories and defeated the insane Gourdborg Mouse! Congratulations to those who have found their Evil Pumpkin Seed and good luck to those still hunting!

Posted Oct 22, 2010 11:09pm by Dave Vanderburg

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