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King's Crowns

We have updated the mice page, and added a new type of achievement -- King's Crowns!

These trophy crowns are awarded to hunters upon capturing a breed of mouse 10, 100 and 500 times. You can view the crowns you have collected both on the Mice page and your profile. Your current number of catches appears beside the crown, so you can easily see how close you are to the next one!

We also added indicators to the Mice page to tell you how many mice from a specific group or region you have caught. A green check mark appears beside the group or region upon catching them all. A green check mark will appear next to a location when you have caught all the mice in that specific location. This should allow hunters, at a glance, to see what breeds they have yet to catch, and what regions they have yet to master!

Power type effectiveness has been added to the mouse popups to let hunters see what power type is best against a particular mouse.

We're still working on a few more updates to mouse viewing including:
- High res mouse images
- Global catch numbers
- A Trap effectiveness bar on the camp page
- If you have caught an event mice in a region, your regional total may state that you caught more mice than are currently available in the region (example: 55 out of 33). Also, the "Locations" sub tab on the "Your Stats" tab may also shown event mice in there. We're working on removing event mice from these totals.

And now, some news about Zugzwang's Tower:

As many keen MouseHunters have no doubt already noticed, Zugzwang's Tower has been spotted in Rodentia! Unfortunately, Zugzwang's pet octopus, Bubbles, is quite protective of its master, and is preventing any ship from approaching the tower. In a future update, hunters will have to find a way to coerce the aquatic beast into letting them sail toward the tower.

Although no hunter has been able to land yet, some details have been collected from ship wreckage floating past the S.S. Huntington II. What little details are now known about the tower and island have been added to the mouse page. Check out the Seasonal Soldiers and Wizard's Pieces mouse groups to see what strange mice will await hunters who reach the tower!

Also in this update:

- We made some optimizations to the hunt timer for players on slower computers.
- "Rare Breeds" has been changed to "Event Breeds" on profile pages and the Black Widow now counts towards "Breeds Caught".
- Added a small chance to receive scrap metal when capturing a Steel Mouse using the Digby Drillbot or the Chrome Drillbot.
- The friends online tab on the camp page now only loads your friends when the tab is clicked. This should speed up the load time of the camp page for players with thousands of friends.

Posted Aug 10, 2010 4:13pm by Dave Vanderburg

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