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FB Credit Donation Resolution

Hey everyone!

As you already know, we have had issues with FB credits once we re-instated it in MouseHunt V3. There are a chunk of users who have donated through FB credits that did not receive what they donated for before we implemented the fix which has corrected the issue for all future donations.

Thousands of support requests have come through and we have developed an automated process that is going through and completing these donations that did not end up getting processed.

By the end of today, anyone who had any donations through FB credits that did take their credits but not award them properly should have everything sorted out.

Due to the mass amounts of support tickets generated by this we will unfortunately not be able to respond personally to every ticket so we made this announcement to inform you that it will be getting corrected.

Once your outstanding donation gets completed you will see a journal entry to notify you that it indeed went through!

Our most sincere apologies for the delay and frustrations caused by this.

Thank you for your patience and support!
Happy hunting,

Posted Jul 22, 2010 4:39pm by Franco D'Auria

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