Upcoming Facebook changes affecting www.MouseHuntGame.com

What is happening?

On December 5, Facebook will be imposing some restrictions on apps that run outside of the main Facebook website. These policy changes will affect how you play MouseHunt outside of Facebook.

What does this mean?

Hunters who enjoy playing on www.MouseHuntGame.com will need to create a login to connect to their existing MouseHunt account. It will be super simple. All game data will be tied to this login and shared between both the Facebook and offsite version of MouseHunt in the same way it is now.

Starting next week, hunters will be able to create their logins and tie them to their existing MouseHunt accounts.

After December 5, hunters will no longer be able to login using their Facebook account when playing outside of Facebook.

I like playing on Facebook - What about me?

If you currently play on Facebook (apps.facebook.com/mousehunt) exclusively, you will not be affected and don't need to do anything.

What about the mobile iOS app?

The mobile app for iOS currently uses FB Connect and will be unaffected by this change. A Facebook account is required in order to use the mobile app.

What happens on December 5?

Once the change goes live on December 5, hunters can visit www.MouseHuntGame.com at any time to create their logins and tie it to their existing MouseHunt account.

I don't want to create a login

    • You can simply play on Facebook (apps.facebook.com/mousehunt) and will not be affected

I like using PayPal and/or Cherry Credits

    • You must create a login as these services will only be available on www.MouseHuntGame.com
    • Leftover Cherry Credits must all be spent before December 5 if you are not creating a login

What's next?

The login system will go live next week so that hunters can begin creating logins and tying them to their existing MouseHunt accounts. More information about the change and in what other ways it will affect hunters soon to come.

Posted Nov 21, 2012 9:51pm by Giorgio Sintichakis

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