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Welcome to MouseHunt v3.0!

Hello MouseHunters!

As you have probably noticed, MouseHunt v3.0, aka: ‘Longtail’ has launched! The focus of this update was to gradate a lot of behind-the-scenes code that runs that game, in order to help us build new content more quickly and easily than ever before!

With an update of this size, some problems are sure to surface. The entire development team are working hard to take care of any problems that come up, but it's going to be a bit of a bumpy ride until the dust settles and the new game version is stable. We're excited to get through this together and end up with an even better MouseHunt!

Missing/Still to come

Journals and cork boards have been rebuilt from scratch. This unfortunately means that we had to clear journals and cork boards for the update to be applied.

A recent Dragon attack has left the marketplace slightly singed. Once the dust settles from this update, the King will promptly have it repaired. Check back in a few days.

We have temporarily disabled Facebook Credits, Cherry Credits, Rixty, and offers while we fix a couple of unexpected problems. We have also disabled the Wiki. We'll have them back up and running soon.

Your travel map may appear blank, although you can still travel to different locations. Map images are rendered on-the-fly. Once a few players load the travel page to generate the images it will correct the problem.

You currently cannot publish catches/journal entries to your wall (you can only post crafting/convertible/hammer smashes right now). We're working out a few kinks. The feature will make a return soon!

Tournaments and tournament teams have been shutdown. We're still working on when, if, and how they will make a return.

The iPhone App and Toolbar is ready to go, but will be released at a later date.

There are bound to be a few small features/quirks of the game that are not quite as they were before. Based on player feedback we'll be working on bringing these features back to their original state.

So what's new in Longtail?

King's Gauntlet!

The King has finished building his Gauntlet, which serves as a challenge to MouseHunters everywhere! Located in the new region of Valour, entry to the Gauntlet can be obtained by purchasing a floor plan from the new Cartographer in the Harbour. The Cartographer is under strict order to only sell the plans to those who prove their loyalty to the King by first capturing a Master Burglar that ran off with some of the Crown Jewels. Master Burglars are only attracted to Gilded Cheese or SUPER|brie+. Burglar mice from all regions have been rumoured to be dropping gilded cheese.

The Gauntlet works on a tier system, with Hunters advancing to the next floor by hunting with cheese that they collect on the current floor. By order of the King, the Gauntlet is being opened slowly. He'll be permanently opening a few floors every few days. Check the news section for announcements.

To enter the Gauntlet a hunter must first prove their loyalty to the King. To do so they must capture a Master Burglar mouse from the Town of Gnawnia and get a Crown Jewel as loot. Once you have a Crown Jewel in your possession the Cartographer in the Harbour will sell you floor plans to the Gauntlet, granting you access.

Good luck!

Instant-Updating Journals

Sounding the Hunter's Horn no longer reloads the page to update your journal. Your journal entry will automatically be added to the your journal when sounding the horn from the camp page. If you happen to sound the horn from a page other than camp, your journal entry will appear just below the heads up display.

Camp Page Trap Selector

The camp page now has a quick-change trap selector to make changing your trap setup (including bait) quicker and easier than ever before. Just click the icons below the image of your trap on the camp page to pull up your inventory. From there, you can change your base, weapon or bait.

New Travel Page

The travel page has been given an overhaul and a new interface. It's now easier than ever to navigate the MouseHunt map and see what types of shops a location has! Traveling also no longer reloads the page. Just click the ‘Hunt Here’ button to travel instantly!

There is also a Larry's Travel section on the travel page to take you to locations free of cost! Currently it takes you to the Town of Gnawnia for free!

Inventory Page Changes

We've reorganized a few things in the inventory, and removed the need for a page reload when using/arming items from the inventory. Bases and weapons now have sub-tabs under the traps section.

The crafting interface has also been vastly improved with a new ‘Recipe Book’ added to the page. With the Recipe Book, it's now much easier to craft previously crafted items in any quantity you wish. We've also moved all novelty items to their own section. There is NO chance of failure when you now craft (no red slots).

The convertibles and potions page have also been improved upon so it is easier to use.

Mice Page Changes

As the number of mice in the game grew, the ‘Mice’ page became cumbersome and began to load extremely slowly due to the number of mice being displayed. We've reorganized the layout with sub-tabs to make browsing mice easier.

Mice no longer have power types. As newer, more unique areas were added to the game the power type system became inconsistent. For example, although all the mice of Derr were listed as Physical, you could not use Tactical weapons to catch them like you could for most other physical mice. To correct this inconsistency, the mice are now all organized into groups that have similar weaknesses in similar areas.

Lastly, on a hunter's profile page you will now see a cumulative total of all mice the user caught. This includes the previous 165 plus the rare/bonus mice.

Extra ‘Give to Friends’ Items

We've expanded the functionality of the ‘Give to Friends’ page to allow players to send more than just SUPER|brie+ and gold. At this time, we've added Moon Cheese and Maki Cheese. We may add additional items in the future, based on user feedback.

Other Changes

Based on player feedback and plans for the future, we've also used this opportunity to adjust a few existing things in-game.

Please click here to read a detailed list.

Posted Jun 8, 2010 9:32pm by Dave Vanderburg

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