Larry's Loot Lexicon
This trap is the only devised tool suspected of being able to capture Zurreal the Eternal. A harmless looking bookshelf features literature designed to intrigue Zurreal, distracting him from the trap hidden behind the shelf.

The traps's design is complex, but it's utility is simple: Drain all magical and electrical energy in the immediate area. The trap is powered by undead ectoplasm to remain active while using augmented metal netting and runic rocks to open a small hole to another dimension and vacuum all other energy far away. This trap should be enough to knock Zurreal's walking throne out of commission, leaving him mostly helpless.

WARNING: Do not try to operate Droids, heavy machinery or magics anywhere near this trap while activated!
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You can use this item in your trap!
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Limited Edition
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Ultimately Stale
Cheese Effect
Zurreal's Folly
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