Larry's Loot Lexicon
A rich, smooth, creamy, satisfying, long-lasting, effervescent, vegetable-based, all-natural, organic restorative tincture with the most delicate fragrance for internal AND external use! A miracle elixir!

Relieves fatigue, weakness, prostration, smells, headaches, leg aches, nausea, hair loss, hair growth and pain. Pretty much any ailment you can think of can be cured with this patented Wild Tonic! GUARANTEED!

Guaranteed side-effects include:

- Double the amount Bland Queso pumped from the Queso River
- Double the amount of Spice Leaves harvested from the Prickly Plains
- Double the amount of Nachore extracted from the Cantera Quarry

Remember to look out for counterfeits! Always ask for Wild Tonic prepared by the sole proprietor of Gnawia's Wild Tonic Company!

"It's a big ol' bottle of YEE-HAW!"
Limited Edition
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Wild Tonic
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