Larry's Loot Lexicon
This soggy journal was recovered from a shipwreck at the bottom of the Rodentia Ocean. You can barely make out a few of the log entries:

"Captain's Log #1: Stopped by ole Paul's house, no sign of 'im. Larry wasna there either and we couldna wait any longer for our King's reward before heading out. Time to load up with what we have, just be a shorter excursion unless we take shortcuts. Could always eat the cheese! Har har!"

"Captain's Log #4: Today we set sail! SUPER|brie+... Check! Backup Brie... Check! Cheddar... Check! (Note: I should stop stocking this but tis always on for a great deal). Crew traps set and baited... Check! This journey should prove to be very lucrative! There be all kinds of new breeds upon that floating isle! The King will pay handsomely for them."

"Captain's Log #8: A trail of giant bubbles has been following us for a few days now, bubbling up from the abyss... I have a feeling of dread as we sail out towards Zugzwang's isle. Tis likely nothing, and I do nae want to worry the crew..."

"Captain's Log #10: The bubbles have gotten closer and smell faintly of raw fish as they burst on the surface. We are about two days from landing ashore on this mysterious floating island. Tis becoming difficult to keep the crew in check. I hope this pays off."

"Captain's Log #11: It happened in the middle of the night! Terrible tenticles reached out from the sea and began to tear the ship apart! Never have I seen such a beast! What have we done to bring such fury upon us!? Yet, in what will surely be my final moments, I canna help but wonder what my trap has waiting in store since last I checked..."
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You can use this item in your trap!
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Soggy Sunken Journal
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