Larry's Loot Lexicon
A device able to accurately measure the passage of time within the Rift Plane despite the disingenuous influence of the Absolute Acolyte Mouse.

Use this device to measure Rift Distortions within the Rift Plane in search of clues to find a more deeply hidden structure. The Rift Chronometer will allow you to discover distortions by hunting any Riftwalker or Riftstalker mice. Higher point value mice will provide the greatest number of distortions.

The Cartographer at the Bristle Woods Rift is interested in analyzing these distortions to further chart the Rift Plane. Once you've collected 2000 distortions, make sure to visit the Bristle Woods Rift Cartographer to reveal the Valour Rift within the Rift Plane!

Good luck, brave hunter!
Limited Edition
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Rift Chronometer
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