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Mysterious Gold Rift Box
Even more mysterious than its Mysterious Box counterpart, the Mysterious Rift Box has a strange set of properties. Looking at it for too long can cause eyestrain and touching it is almost painful. It's as if it's struggling to remain in existence, shifting out of phase, like it doesn't belong here. Sometimes, from the corner of your eye, it almost seems to disappear momentarily, but then snaps back into view when looked at directly. Something about it just seems off...

This box is so out-of-phase with time that not even the Quantum Pocketwatch has an effect on it!

This gold-encased version of the Mysterious Rift Box was granted for having earned a Gold King's Crown representing 500 catches of the Absolute Acolyte Mouse. What a tremendous achievement! With it comes the greatest quantity of loot!
Limited Edition
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Mysterious Gold Rift Box
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