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This formidable, fully-powered contraption has the ability to resonate subharmonic frequencies that only mice can hear. It uses this melodious stonesong to lure its prey hypnotically into a secluded location deep within a rock formation. Once the mesmerized mouse is within reach, the trap snatches it with its mighty stone pincers and encases it into a nearby boulder. It then uses its ultra-high powered laser tail to carve a slab out of the boulder so that it can carry the encased mouse and deliver it to the hunter on a stone platter.

It is said that the trap resonates a unique stonesong depending on the mouse but all the hunter ever hears is rock. Over time, some hunters have grown quite fond of this strange but compelling "rock music".
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You can use this item in your trap!
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Limited Edition
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Insanely Stale
Cheese Effect
Slumbering Boulder Trap
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