Use an Eggscavator to find hidden eggs across the Kingdom!
Buy one for 10,000 Gold, or catch an Eggscavator mouse with Marshmallow Monterey at a stockpile location!
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There are no mice here attracted to Marshmallow Monterey!
Hunting with this bait here will waste the bait. You should arm a local bait, or travel to a location with a stockpile.
No Marshmallow stockpiles here.
If you want to loot more Marshmallow Monterey, you'll need to hunt at a location with a stockpile!
Find stockpiles
Monterey Stockpile detected!
Mice in this area are smuggling Marshmallow Monterey. Loot it and equip it to catch mice that drop painted eggs!
Eggstra Charms double eggs dropped by mice!
Eggstra Charge Charms double eggs dropped by mice AND boost your egg charge!
Charge Charms boost your egg charge! The greater your charge, the better the charge egg! Charge eggs have a chance to drop based on charge level.
Larry's Loot Lexicon
This appears to be a mouse-sized rocket pack that you found in the Meadow during the 6th birthday celebration. Its power cell appears to be entirely drained and a strange foreign magic seems to ebb around the unit.

Whoever owned this might have been the one who was messing with the power generator. When you found this rocket pack you noticed smoke trails leading back to the Dance Hall. Perhaps you should go see if you can catch one of these mice to figure out just what they were up to...
Limited Edition
You Own: 0 / 1
Drained Rocket Pack
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