Larry's Loot Lexicon
Deep Freeze Base Blueprints
Crafted from a exotic collection of rare materials, this base represents an attempt by Icewing to ensure her icebergs could no longer be stopped. In a capable hunter's hands, however, it represents a means to safely explore the depths of the Iceberg before it fully collapses.

In addition to these blueprints, to craft this base you will require:

  • 1 Steam Nine
  • 6 Bottled Cold Fusion
  • 18 Frosty Metal
  • 20 Wire Spools
  • 6 Tiny Platinum Bars
  • 32 Living Shards
  • 22 Stale SUPER|brie+
  • 1 Bead of Slumber
Limited Edition
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Deep Freeze Base Blueprints
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