Larry's Loot Lexicon
The skull of a fallen crew member from the Grand Ghostship. It has absorbed some powerful, spooky energy that is just waiting to be released!

Crushing this cursed skull will award you one week of the Spooky Aura from the time of crushing!

Spooky Aura: Provides a 30% Power Bonus to your trap as well as a chance to find Wealth Charms and Cursed Gold!

This skull will automatically crumble and award its aura if it has not been manually crushed by the end of the 2020 Halloween Event.

Skulls will be removed from your inventory if they have not been used by the aura expiry date of December 1, 2020 (either manually or automatically).
Use charms to give your traps special modifiers!
Use cheese with your trap to attract mice!
You can use this item in your trap!
You can use this item in your trap!
Crush this item to discover new loot!
This item has records of forgotten lore!
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Cursed Skull
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