Larry's Loot Lexicon
Perfect for trailblazers that like to travel light, this Bounty Trail Kit will help you stay on the heels of your quarry and track down the Wild Bunch gangs found on Wanted Posters.

Inside, you'll find:

125 SUPER|brie+
2 Rare Map Dust (works with Wanted Posters)
2 Sheriff's Badge Charms

With a Sheriff's Badge Charm equipped, hunters who encounter a Bounty Hunter Mouse are guaranteed to catch him and bring him to justice, finding a Sealed Wanted Poster in his possession!

Rare Map Dust leads to Rare Treasure Chests containing:
  • Two times the points!
  • Two times the gold!
  • Two times the Ancient Charms!
  • More loot!
  • And twice the chance of super-rare loot!

Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.
Limited Edition
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Bounty Trail Kit
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