500 gold / 5,500 points
Explorator Mouse
These little guys were some of Zurreal the Eternal's first creations. Zugzwang's magical library is so expansive that parts of it are still unexplored; it is much bigger on the inside than on the outside. Legions of these mice are created to travel the great halls and map the tower, but their efforts continue to fail. Either the creations are not intelligent enough to map out the library effectively, or the library's magics make it impossible to reach the ends.
Group: Zurreal's Breed
Your Stats
Total Catches: 0
Total Misses: 0
Average Weight: 0 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 0 oz.

Global Stats
Total Catches: 2,217,057
Average Weight: 4 oz.
Heaviest Catch: 8 oz.
Difficulty: Impossible (your current trap setup)
Very Effective
Less Effective
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