New Trap Skins

Overhauled Trap Skins!
Trap Skins have been made better than ever!
Check out the brand new skins!

Using Trap Skins is Easier than Ever!

The trap skin system has been overhauled, making skins easier to use! When you have a trap armed that is compatible with the newly released skins an orange "Change Trap Skin" button will appear above your trap allowing you to easily change its look. The best part is these newly released skins do not require any crafting or changing of traps letting you easily express your unique style without the need to purchase several expensive traps.

Three New Trap Skins

Three new Trap Skins have been introduced that use the new and improved system. These skins let you change the look of your Enraged RhinoBot, Zugzwang's First Move and Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery (ACRONYM).

Extremely Enraged Rhinobot Skin
With just a few extra spikes, brighter LEDs and some small, controlled explosions, the Enraged RhinoBot takes on a more intimidating persona. Did a pesky mouse just steal some of your precious cheese? Apply this skin to show your appropriate level of rage!

Larry's First Move Skin
Zugzwang may be familiar with Technic and Mystic Knights, but what about Friendly Knights? Apply this skin to your trap to put a friendlier face on Zugzwang's First Move.

Jet-Black ACRONYM Skin
Although the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery is a very capable Arcane weapon, its tacky purple colour is sometimes said to clash with the dark and dreary Catacombs it is so often used within. Apply this skin to your ACRONYM trap to hunt in gloomy style!

What about Existing Trap Skins?

After consulting the King's Arms, previously discovered Trap Skins (Ninja Ambush, Icy RhinoBot, Winter Clockapult, Grungy and Fluffy DeathBot) have been changed to be blueprints so that the unique traps they produce remain the mark of a true MouseHunt Trap Collector!

If you had any of the pre-existing trap skins you'll now find them as blueprints in your inventory that can be combined with the appropriate trap parts to create their respective traps.

New Trap Skins System and Three New Skins!
  • Express your unique style and change your trap's look!

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    Posted Sep 23, 2011 3:32pm by Dave Vanderburg

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