Premium Shop Updates and Improvements

Browser Premium Shoppe has new functionality!

Improvements to the Premium Shoppe

The Premium Shoppe on and Facebook has received a variety of improvements to make it easier than ever to use!

  • An improved layout for easier navigation!
  • Larger item images!
  • A simplified cart!
  • No more need to leave the game when using PayPal!
  • An all-new order summary after completing a purchase!
  • And much, much more!

For a full list of changes please see today's patch notes.

Checkout with or without PayPal

After reviewing your cart you now chose to checkout using a debit or credit card. Alternatively, players using PayPal are no longer directed away from the game and can complete their checkout within a window to get them back to the hunt quicker than ever!

Improved Order Summary

After completing a purchase you'll now see an improved order summary where you can easily view and access newly purchased items. Click "View" to quickly open Supply Kits and Gift Boxes, smash SUPER|brie+ into Magic Essence, or view more information about rewards! This same order summary can be accessed via a link that has been added to the journal entry a hunter receives upon completing a purchase.

These changes do not affect the Premium Shoppe within the mobile app. However, the team is working hard on improvements to make finding and comparing items easier within the app.

Posted Sep 13, 2022 3:35pm by Dave Vanderburg

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